Luxury and Emerging brands, all in one place.

A bag is never just a bag, and a dress is never just a dress.

What we're buying is the story, the art, and the creation.
We support the people behind them.

ELVN is about bringing together the best brands that Europe has to offer, and the appreciation of the imagination and passion that lies at the heart of it all.

Fashion is a vision of the future. It is a reflection of who we are, and who we want to become.


Uncover Amazing, Heritage Houses

There is nothing that truly rivals a handmade piece. There is something special about something that was so carefully and lovingly dreamed together, then brought to life by many pairs of skilled hands. The beauty of artisanal brands bound by history spanning decades, passed down from great grandparents all the way to today's grandchildren.

Each lock tells a story. Each stitch speaks about a moment in time.

It is our pride and pleasure to work alongside these people, to recount their origin stories, the immense hard work that goes into the making of a brand, and, beyond the walls of their ateliers, to present their creations on our world stage.


We make it easy for our customers to discover and shop European brands that they would have otherwise never been able to find.

Sourced in Europe

Many of the brands have worked with the same local and regional tanneries for decades, handpicking the hides and other materials to create their products. Unlike commercial buying, it is an ongoing relationship.


Often, the creations come from very personal origins. Many of the brands are still led by the original founders or the founding-families. They lovingly pass down their know-how and techniques - from the grandparents, to their children, to their grandchildren.

Personal Touch

Many of the products by our Bespoke brands are not made by commercial production. They pass through the hands of various artisans through laborious processes before getting to you.

Unrivalled Value

We keep our processes lean and involve as few middle-men as possible to bring to our customers the best possible value and ensure that the makers receive fair returns.


A Global Stage

The best of the best are here too, and why not? We work directly with Boutiques, licensed distributors, and Official channel buyers from around the world to bring the best products to you.

100% Authentic

We only work with official and licensed channels. We guarantee that our products are 100% Authentic. We do not support counterfeit products. If you find that a product is not authentic, return it as you'd received it with the return tags still on and receive 2X your original purchase price.

Private Sales

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